Youth Programs

Fun on the Farm!

Whether it’s foggy, cool, damp, muddy or sunny outside, we are always having fun on the farm! We can enjoy our very own indoor re-use art studio, the flower and vegetable gardens, the forest and creek trails, the treehouse, the farm animals, or open grassy field. Pack your boots and rain coat and some warm layers! We have early spring planting to do, seeds to start in the sunny studio windows, arts and crafts galore to create from all of our up-cycled and natural materials, and an autumn farm stand to arrange with all of the harvested flowers, eggs and veggies. There is also time for chatting around the fire, or enjoying warm cider and snacks under the canopy when the weather cools down. We hope your campers can join us soon at Wardwell!

We offer After School Camp Sessions, Seasonal Camps throughout the school year, and several weeks of summer camp every year for ages 6-11. See our website pages, or our calendar of events for information and registration. We are also writing a new program for the little ones, ages 3-5, to attend a Montessori-inspired preschool at the farm. See the Wardwell Sprouts webpage for more info. Stay tuned!

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Youth Program Values

Sustainability / Reuse

Explore, build and learn amidst a plethora of donated and natural materials in our reuse "Scrap Studio."

Healthy Exploration

Share in spontaneous, playful and lightly structured time in a natural setting with friends.

Hands-on Education

Take time to share in experiential learning by digging in the dirt, tending to animals or creating around the communal art table.


Feel the sense of belonging and community that comes from playing and coming together with people with all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Support our farm.

As a nonprofit, we rely on program revenues and donations to stay afloat